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Back in 2012 I installed Mint, a self-hosted web site analytics program, to this site. Since that time Mint has been anonymously collecting information on about who is referring readers to this site, which posts are most popular, top searches, etc. Sadly, the Mint development team has announced that sales and support has been suspended. I have no desire to use software that isn’t going to be maintained so effective immediately I will no longer be using Mint on this site.

So what did I learn from Mint while in use?

  • This site receives on average 8,472 unique visitors per month.
  • Unsurprisingly most of the referrals to post on this site come from Google.
  • The top three posts in terms of popularity at the time of this post were:
    1. How To Create And Configure VLANs In pfSense
      How to Install and Configure MRTG on Ubuntu
      How to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Linux using BCDEdit
  • 58% of you use the Chrome browser, while 30% use Firefox. Safari and Internet Explore receive honorable mentions at 6% and 1% respectively.
  • At the moment I have no plans to replace Mint with another web site analytics program. Should I decide to do so I will let you know. Rest assured though that anything I may decide to use will not collect personal data of any kind.


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