Commentary So Long CrunchBang, And Thanks For All The Fish


They say nothing lasts forever, and sadly that statement seems to have been proven true again. Yesterday, Philip Newborough (aka corenominal) announced that he would no longer be developing CrunchBang Linux.

In his post, Philip stated that he felt that it “…no longer holds any value…,” and that “… it would be in the best interest of its users, who would benefit from using vanilla Debian.” I couldn’t disagree more Philip. For those of us who were trying to escape the trappings of increasingly bloated distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, and their ilk, CrunchBang, with its light-weight Openbox window manager, was an asylum. A minimalist distribution; designed to be efficient and customizable, CrunchBang struck the right balance between speed and functionality. I still think there is a demand for such a distribution.

I can’t tell you how profoundly sad I am about this news. I of course wish Philip the very best in whatever the future may bring. He should be very proud of his creation, and he should know that CrunchBang Linux will always hold a special place in my heart.

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3 Responses to “So Long CrunchBang, And Thanks For All The Fish”

  1. Mark Says:

    You should try It’s being developed by a friend of mine and comes in a variety of flavours, one of which is a light XFCE version. I’m not familiar with CrunchBang but RhinoLINUX might just be a suitable replacement.

  2. iceflatline Says:

    Thanks Mark. I’ll give it a go sometime.

  3. _ a user Says:

    I agree, i did not found another distro like Crunchbang, which overrules Ubuntu,Puppy, or alike, the best , fastest , allover distro i have found, it is 90% to be perfect suited for my needs, nearly holds all tools installed by default (the ones i need). xrandr is doing a nice job.

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