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When I first started this blog I wanted those that visited here be free to leave comments without the need for said comments to be approved before they were posted. Unfortunately the amount of spam I’m getting now exceeds my ability to keep up with them. So, from now on those that leave a comment will need to wait for me to approve it before it’s posted. If you’re a spammer, your comment will not be approved. If you’re not a spammer I will approve your comment as soon as possible, likely within 24 hours.

This was bound to happen at some point I guess. My apologies. Blame the spammers.


7 Responses to “Blame The Spammers”

  1. Sean Says:

    That sucks. I like your guides. Keep em up!

  2. iceflatline Says:

    Thanks Sean, will do!

  3. voyager529 Says:

    Your guides have been amazing. I’m really learning a lot about getting my FreeNAS to do other interesting things. Not the best practice for a production/corporate environment, of course, but the “Because I can” department is loving all of the learning I’m getting by attempting to install InvoicePlane in a jail, which has sent me down quite the rabbit hold of getting portmaster to work, getting the AMP stack to work, a failed attempt at Ajenti, a partially-successful attempt at Webmin, and a metric ton of other stuff.

    As for the spammer issue, I’m a fan of SweetCaptcha – no eye exam, simple WordPress plug-in, and it’s free (well, donationware). It may be a better solution than manually filtering through the spam, especially if you find yourself DDoS’d with comments – I had that happen once, and VERY quickly got familiar with phpMyAdmin as a result. I also found out that webkit browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) can handle about 1,200 rows at a time with the phpMyAdmin interface while still being usable – beyond that, even if you’ve got RAM to blow, webkit just caves under the strain of THAT much PHP rendering at a clip.


  4. iceflatline Says:

    Joey, thanks for sharing your experiences, and for the tip on SweetCaptcha. I’ll definitively give that try if I start to get overwhelmed.

  5. Andy Says:

    yeah, it’s good idea, moderation of comment will reduce the spammer.
    Btw i must give many thank to your sites, i’ve learn many things from your sites :thumbup

  6. Darren Says:

    Yeah had to do the same thing with my blog…it’s impossible to stay on top of it. Something that has really helped me was adding . I’m no way associated with that site and not trying to advertise for them… But you should check them out, works great and it’s also free.

    Btw, nice work on your blog, enjoying the reads.

  7. iceflatline Says:

    Thanks Darren. I’m also using Akismet and agree, it does work very well.

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